Where to Find Kim Klass Jewelry

Visit our Showroom in Wickenburg, AZ

Kim Klass Jewelry  
Frontier St. Showroom
243 N Frontier St.
Wickenburg, AZ 85390
Current hours Tuesday and Wednesday 
1:00-5:00 or by appointment.
Kim Cell 602-317-0685

Where else can you see Kim Klass Jewelry?

Barb Couture of Couture West:
Barb has been representing Kim Klass Jewelry for over 25 years! Her event schedule below will be updated as shows re-open, so please keep checking for current info.
Low Roller Reining
Nampa Idaho
Cowboy Christmas
December 2020 TBA
World Series Team Roping
Honored to be an exhibitor at the
"Art of the Cowgirl" 
January 2021
Queen Creek Equestrian Center 

Kim Klass also specializes in re-purposing your no-longer-worn diamonds into re-loved, beautiful, heirloom jewelry pieces. Contact her today for your quote on a very personal design just for you!  Cell: 602-317-0685

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